Amazon History 

Caution - This fictionalized history contains adult themes and strong emotional content. 

Amazon History - Part 1 - The Origin of the Amazons

By Razor Indigo

The Amazons were the fiercest and most feared warriors of the ancient world.  They prayed to Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena. Their reputation gave the goddesses much joy, as the times before the Amazons, women were considered useless sex toys and baby factories, and even the Goddesses had no respect given them.

The goddesses gifted the Amazon Queen Hippolyte a Golden Girdle.  The girdle was said to have been originally Gaia’s, or Hestia’s.   Whatever it was, it was forged before the time of the Olympian Gods.  The girdle, which is more what we would call a belt in modern times, had the power to make the wearer undefeated in combat.

The gift of such a treasure to mortals did not escape the  attention of the male Olympians. Zeus and the other God secretly met.   Fearing an overthrow of mankind, and a loss of control of the mortal world,  Aries was sent to  figure out a way to  get the girdle back.   He  employed Heracles to assault the Amazons.  Heracles, knowing only that they were enemies of the Gods, attacked the Amazon tribe, beating many of the warriors, killing  several, and destroying most of Amazonia, their stronghold.   

Hippolyte, wearing the girdle fought him for hours.  The Amazon lands lay in ruins, and all the warriors and citizens lay injured from the battle, but Hippolyte was victorious.  She imprisoned Heracles for months, and oversaw his punishment.   He was charged with personally rebuilding Amazonia.  Healers healed the battered Amazons and the nation rebuilt itself with the help of the powerful slave.

Unfortunately, the long exposure of Heracles and Hippolyte led to attraction, and finally passion.  As Hippolyte and Heracles lay asleep in the queen’s bed, Aries appeared, took the girdle, and  had his armies take the weakened and surprised Amazons as slaves to his island stronghold.

The next year was torturous for the Amazons.  Aries and his hordes used them mercilessly.  Heracles never again appeared in the Amazon’s midst.   Aries told Hippolyte that Heracles had done his job, he separated her from the girdle, now he had been sent back to his wife.  The pain of betrayal and the sight of what her failure was doing to the Amazon sisters broke Hippolyte’s spirit.  She became noting more than a slave.

Then she discovered the legacy of her night with Heracles.  She was pregnant with his child.  Aries realized it soon after.  He laughed and said he would have a new way to control Zeus and Heracles.  With 4 men holding her arms and legs, Aries and cut the unborn child from  Hippolyte’s body, leaving her to bleed to death on the ground.

She did not die.  Her rage at the final atrocity broke through her depression and  she  used her own blood to slicken her hands and slip the chains that bound her.  She stole through the night, slitting throats of the hoard and releasing the Amazons one by one.  By the time she got to the stronghold which held the girdle, her army was 50 strong.   

The Amazons attacked the stronghold and managed to get to the girdle through the 500 soldier defense line.  Hippolyte put on the girdle, but the blood of her open womb was revulsion to a girdle of motherhood.   Lightning struck Hippolyte, and her flesh  burned and changed.  She was no longer a human woman, the girdle took from her the violated womb, but healed the rest of her body.   She was taller and stronger but would never  bear young.  She was no longer Hippolyte, the  strong  human leader of the Amazons, she was now Hippolyta, woman changed by the girdle of the mother.  The girdle itself also was changed.  It now no longer made the  wearer undefeatable, it now only gave them strength and endurance above and beyond mortal limits.

Hippolyta and the 12 surviving Amazons from the battle to get the girdle, freed the rest of her sisters and killed all of Aries’ horde.  The took over the volcanic island upon which Aries had made his stronghold and leveled everything.  Nothing that was non-Amazon survived their fierce anger.  

At last, the island empty of all but the Amazons, their weapons, and the meager food stores, Hippolyta called all the Amazons together.  She had them all stand in a circle around her.  There were less than 600 Amazons left, and many of them were pregnant with  children of the hoard’s rapes.  She spoke of what had happened, because she knew many had no idea.  All they had known was one day they awoke in chains.  She spoke of her guilt in letting Aries take the girdle. She told them of her unborn child and what had happened to the girdle.  and she dropped to her knees and ordered each Amazon to  use their blade and stab her.  To give her back some of the pain that she had caused them.  

As Hippolyta knelt silently,  the Amazons all stared at her.  For long moment no one spoke. FInally one said aloud.  “My queen has ordered me to stab her.  She did not say where or how deep.”  She knelt at Hippolyte’s side and used her blade to make a tiny prick on her finger.  she pricked her own and held them together.  “You are my queen, My Blood.  You are not at fault here.  You are a victim as we all are.  We are sisters.  We are Amazons.”  She hugged Hippolyta, stood back up and stepped away.  A second woman repeated the  same ritual, and a third, and a fourth.  Through the next 12 hours, all the Amazons joined with Queen Hippolyta.

When the last Amazon stepped back from the bloody Hippolyta, six beams of light from the sky surrounded the young Queen.  Hippolyte and the Amazons all drew their swords as the females images appeared in the lights. Images of Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, and Hestia stood before them. 

“You have done well,” Aphrodite said to the group.  “You have bonded  in love, and you will share your queen’s gift.”  The small cuts on each Amazon glowed as Aphrodite spoke.  The power of the girdle of the mother is within you all.  You are stronger and faster than you were.  You have an inner strength from motherhood that many never even see.  She turned to Athena. 

“You are the Amazons, the defenders of Sisterhood,” Athena said, “But the world is not ready for you.  The world is not ready for  women who are equal to men.   Until they are..” as she spoke, the sky darkened and changes.  The island  moved to a place no longer within the world, but fully in the world.  The sky lightened again as the island settled into its new place.  “You will share the world from here.  You will have privacy to heal and learn, and freedom to leave anytime you wish.  But be warned; only 2 people may enter here every 12 years.  If you leave, you will have to live in the world for that long.  When the world is ready for equality of women, the island will open to mankind again.  Until then you are alone on your island.” Athena turned towards Hera.

“But you can not live on a barren rock.”  Demeter said.  She closed her eyes and the sky darkened again, this time with clouds. Rain fell, washing blood into the earth.  “From the ashes of the past I give you possibilities for the future.”   Bodies of the hoard seemed to melt like sea foam where the rain fell, washing it away to flow into the soil. Trees and grass and herbs and wild vegetables began to grow and amazing speeds until they were in a veritable island garden.

“Life without toil is no life,” Artemis said.  She pointed to the rim of the caldera.  several animals appeared.. mountain lions, in one area, gazelles in another.   Bears and  squirrels and rabbits and dozens of others hopped through the fields heading for cover.  “You will hunt and live just as you did in the man’s world, only here you will not have to deal with man.”

Hestia stepped forward and looked at the crowd. “You are strong women.  You are pure, “  She smiled as all the pregnant women glowed with her power.  “Your children, your daughters are all healthy.  They will be yours.  Pure Amazons.  No trace of Aries will be within them. Love the for who they are, not where they come from.”  


Aphrodite stepped forward once more.  “please remember, in the times that come, You were not abused by all men, only by those under Aries rule.  There is good in mankind, and there are good men and good women in the world.   Judge each person as you find them.”

The entire time, Hera stood watching silently.  The other goddesses left, but Hera remained.  The anger on her face was obvious.  After a moment, Queen Hippolyta knelt at Hera’s feet,.  The other Amazons slowly got to their knees as well.

“You were the best of us.”  Hera hissed in anger and frustration.  “For you  to fall from the machinations of man says dark things of women’s future.”  She looked down at Hippolyta.  “You allowed that savage in your bed and welcomed him into your body.  You became pregnant with the child of  that horrid creature, and then failed to protect your own child.”   She lifted Hippolyte by her neck and dangled the Queen in front of her.  “How could you?”

Hippolyta’s tears fell, her soul still scarred from the loss of her child.  She said nothing to defend herself.  Hera simply let her go, and she fell into a heap at Hera’s feet.  “The rest of you,” Hera Hissed, “You forgive her for getting you raped, made captive and  helpless!  How could you!  Did you learn nothing?”  Bright lights flashed at each woman’s wrist as shiny metal manacles appeared.  “You must never forget  that you were victims,” She said.  “Forgiveness is not an option.  Atrocities can not be forgiven.  You were  raped and used and many of your sisters murdered.  None must forget that, ever.  As long as you have any vulnerability to influence by others, you and your progeny will be trapped in these magickal cuffs.  Nothing can destroy them or remove them.” 

A bow with a razor sharp arrow appears in Hera’s hands.  She aimed the bow at Hippolyta and fired.  Some instinct in the queen made her move and block the arrow with the bracelet.  The sharp arrow fired by the goddess at point blank range bounced off the bracelet, leaving the queen unharmed and making all the Amazons gasp. Hera’s voice rang out, “Never forgive or forget.  Always remember and use the past weaknesses as future strengths.”  she raised her arms where she herself was wearing golden bracelets similar to the Amazon manacles “The bracelets will be your symbol from now on.  Make them a symbol of strength, not weakness.”  She slammed hers together and vanished in a flash of light and crash of thunder.

The 12  women who were the survivors of the assault on the stronghold  for the girdle moved beside Hippolyta.  “We are here for you my queen,” one said.  

Hippolyte turned to the crowd and asked  “After all that has happened, you still want me  as your queen?”

One of the pregnant women stepped forward.  “My queen, you have lost much, but you are still the woman who has lived and died for us.  You are still  the strongest  or us, and you still see more around you than any of us.”  the others murmured in agreement.

“Very well then.” Hippolyte said.  Her eyes lost the tears and  the sorrow  left her face as she became the queen the women would need to survive.  There would be time for grief later.  For now, she had to  serve her people as only a queen could. 

“Our first priority is to prepare food shelter and medical care for our. She turned to the 12 beside her. “Magdelen, see to raising shelters. take 60 others with you.  We need some shelter before nightfall.  From the looks of the sky, we have about 3 hours.”  “Althea, set up a healing area take 20 helpers everyone must be looked over, just in case. “

Zebina, start a hunt for food take 40 others with you each must bring back enough food for at least 10.”  

“Georgia, take 40 with you and harvest some fruit and vegetables to go with the meat  Zebina brings back.  Prepare fires for cooking and places for cleaning the food.”

“The rest of you, after you have been checked by Althea, come find me, we need to gather everything here and  see what we have to work with.  We will be here a long time.”

Amazon History Part 2 - Origin of Themyscira

By Razor Indigo

For the first weeks, survival on the island was a struggle.   Thatch shelters were built for  sleeping.  The group slept in shifts, never more than a third of the women slept at once.  The rest patrolled and stood guard  over the encampment, not even trusting the goddesses’ words that they were safe.

The pregnant women were many.  Of the 623 surviving Amazons, over 400 were pregnant. The pregnant were not allowed certain work.  They were not banned, they were simply ordered to do other duties.  Non-pregnant Amazons would be ordered to do lifting and climbing jobs with heavier physical strain, like building thatch huts, blacksmithing tools from metal on the island and hunting. Pregnant women were assigned to hard but less physically demanding work, like survey and weed the food gardens, throw pottery for cooking, spin yarn and sew animal hides into needed clothing or nurse those in need.  There was work for everyone.

The first child was born and named Zoe, for the life she brought to the island.  Zoe’s birth was the first blessing of the Amazons.  With 622 doting aunts the child was never without care , and her mother never without assistance.  Zoe’s birth  was followed 3 days later by Talia, and another 2 days by Kari.   The Amazons prepared for the onslaught of births by remaking all the shelters into nurseries. Within a short time, the entire island was a huge nursery, with all the Amazons working full time to keep the children fed, clothed and cared for.  

Little progress was made during the first years of the children’s lives.   The babies, and then toddlers demanded constant attention and required close supervision.  Thatch huts on an island of wilderness is not the ideal nursery for children, but with the constant vigil of the Amazons, it was at least safe.  there were 512 babies born to the Amazons that year. There were twins, triplets, and singles; all healthy as promised. and all beautiful little girls. With that many children, the 623 adults were barely able to keep up.

Hippolyta suffered in silence as she saw each child born.  She anointed each and welcomed them to The Sisterhood as was her duty as queen.  Each child reminded her of the child she lost, and each and every  beautiful little girl made her mind think of the beautiful girl she would have had if Aries had not ripped out her child and her very soul.  She loved each child, but each birth killed a part of her.

The 3rd year on the island, the Amazons were able to make classes and schools for the inquisitive young minds. For the next 10 years, the learning occupied the children, leaving the adults time to begin  building the new island.   The fertile ground was  kept mostly open for crops and animal survival.  Structures and safety buildings were built into the rock walls of the caldera itself.   An aqueduct system was created to save the fresh spring water and distribute it around the island.  Long sturdy walkways along the cliffsides were created to get around the island and up to the construction areas.  The center of the Caldera was built up out of the saltwater pond to be the arena, a place of learning, gatherings and combat practice.


As the girls entered their teens, they began helping the construction.  School became a just a few hours a day and the girls were allowed time alone without supervision for the first time in their lives.    With the workforce nearly doubling, though the girls were not allowed to work long hours, the building went much faster.  A large concrete structure was made on the ‘back’ of the island.  It became the  stronghold of the Amazons.  Small areas were set aside for housing as guards used the roof to watch for intrusions.

By the time the girls were 20, they were treated as full adults.  the Amazon girls had learned well the work ethic of their parents and sisters.  2 more strongholds were created and completed.  One was called “The Queen’s Overlook, because of an open wall area where Hippolyta sat for an hour a day watching those in the arena practicing and studying.  The builders made that area Hippolyta's quarters, and created a sitting area where she could look down at the island’s arena and enjoy the view.  Housing was split between the 3 large concrete bunkers. Many warriors preferred tent living, and refused rooms within the bunkers.  They would come in during heavy storms, but  mostly they felt the draw of the outside and preferred to sleep beneath the stars and sky.   

30 years into the occupation of the island, during a celebration of harvest, Hestia appeared before Amazons.   All was in festivity as the celebration was in full swing.  The festivities were  interrupted when the sky darkened and a bolt of lightning slammed into the ground in the center of the arena, cracking the concrete .  Hestia, goddess of the hearth and of purity stood there, her strength radiating outwards. 

Hippolyta stood and walked to the goddess.  The Amazon towered over the deity, so in a sign of respect, she dropped to her knees.  “Welcome Goddess,” Hippolyte said.

Hestia shook her head.  “We have no time for that.  I need 200 of your strongest warriors, there are Amazons in trouble.”

Hippolyta stood and made a gesture to the crowd.   In moments they were all armed and ready, in formation behind their queen.  Hestia looked at the assembled Amazons and shook her head.  “No, only 200, and only seasoned warriors.”

Hippolyta stepped forward as did another 400 women.  Hestia turned to the younger girls who had stayed back.  “Prepare your healers and your safe areas.   There will be  many who need to be cared for.”  She raised her hands above her head and another lightning bolt hit, making Hippolyta and 199 of the Amazon warriors vanish.

The island was prepared for wounded.  Guards were doubled and tripled, but no word was heard.  A day became a week.  A week became a month still there was no word.  Finally,  nearly 2 months later, the skies darkened.  lightning stuck the arena, flooding the island with light, and when it withdrew there were nearly a thousand people in the small area.  All of them were injured and bleeding, and all but a hundred or less were children.  

Of the 200 warriors who had gone, only 43 had survived.  Althea held onto the unconscious and bloodied Hippolyta, not allowing any one to touch either of them.  They built a small shelter around the two women and allowed Althea to nurse the damaged queen.  No one asked about the glowing golden rope wrapped around the queen’s torso holding the bandages in place.  The rest of the injured were taken to the prepared healing areas.  It was a day later that the council finally heard what had happened.

Evangeline told the story.  “Hestia brought us to help the Amazons of Thermadon,”  she began,  “These Libyan  Amazons were being attacked at all sides by a brutal force.  Their main targets were the children.  The men had stolen in and taken away over half the children, and slain many of the Amazons under cover of night.  The women had been holding them back from the rest of the children but were down to only 300 warriors.”  

“Hestia made us appear in the enemy stronghold that held the children.   We fought our way to the holding areas, and got the children, but were unable to fight our way out.  It took us 2 weeks to get out of the stronghold.  Food was scarce, and we had over 500 children to protect.  We sent raiding parties to get food and water, but most of them did not survive.”   

“When we finally escaped the stronghold,  we had less than a hundred warriors left.  Hippolyta attacked the guards, all 12 men, distracting them, so we could get the children out.  She lost.  She was hit in the back, and run through at least twice.  Anyone less would have died, but she survived.  When we had the children out and could release  some warriors to help her, we did.  They found her being... 3 men held her and were about to...” Evangeline closed her eyes and shook her head.  “They killed the men and took her and her clothes back to us.  Althea dressed her and bound her wounds.”

We Traveled almost all night, and just before dawn we came to Thermadon.   Hippolyta was awake and walking.  I have no idea how, but I never want to see the pain and hatred I saw in her eyes ever again.  There was an assault group shooting arrows and bolts at the Thermadon stronghold.  Hippolyta  let out a battle cry and attacked.  She was a tornado, slicing and killing like a farmer thrashing wheat.   Half of us stayed with the children while the other half went into battle.  Since we got them from behind and with surprise and speed, it was a fast victory.”  

“We ran with the children for the gates of Thermadon, and they let us in.  There we met the others.  While they welcomed and held their young, we manned the walls.  It is a bit of a blur after that.  They had only  200 adults left, we had  just over a hundred.  We held the men back. Constant  vigil and constant care for the children made the time all blur together.”  she raised her splinted broken arm.  “I don’t even remember how this happened.”

“Hippolyta wouldn’t let us take care of her.  She said she was too soiled to be touched.  She bled  constantly from her wounds. Finally, Antioch, the queen of Thermadon ordered her to sit and she herself bound the wounds.  Queen Antioch did it with some sort of glowing rope.  She whispered something to Hippolyte, and I saw tears come from our queen’s eyes, though she hid them.  She nodded  to the other queen and stood and went back to her duties.  From that moment Hippolyta fought like a woman possessed.  She was like any five of us.   Still we were outnumbered 10,000 to 1, we had no chance.”

The final day, Both queens were on  the wall.   An arrow came through the wall.  It sailed not just through the air, but  ripped through the wall like it was not there.  It went through Hippolyta, and imbedded in the Thermadon queen’s chest.  They both fell to their knees.  I was near them on the wall.  The dying Queen Antioch’s last words to Hippolyta were, ‘remember your promise.’  She died and Hippolyta collapsed into Althea’s arms.  That was when we were sent home.”

Althea stepped forward and spoke. “The final arrow.” she whispered to the council.  “It was poisoned with the blood of the hydra.”  she said in a stronger voice. “Because of some of the rare herbs on the island, the queen will live.” Althea stepped up to the council. “But should we tell her the arrow came from Heracles’ bow?” 

The council  argued the point for days, but in the end they decided that they could not hide the truth from their queen.  The point seemed moot when she regained consciousness 4 days later.  When they told her, she simply said, “Yes, I know.”  The next day, Hippolyta demanded to address the assembled  Amazons.

When the time came, Hippolyta walked tall and proud in full armor and battle regalia to the throne at the edge of the arena.  “Sisters,” she said in a voice that carried all across the caldera, even to the guards stationed  far above.  “The Goddesses gave us a gift.  They gave us  sisters from  another land.  Queen Antiope, my sister from the dark continent, made a deal with the goddesses.  She offered her life and the lives of all of her warriors for a safe place for her children.”  Hippolyte stopped for a moment to take a breath.   Tears  shined in her eyes but did not fall.  “The goddesses accepted.”  the crowd murmured as people quietly expressed their surprise. The women who came with us, who survived, none are warriors.  They are sages, healers, and artists.  The last warrior of Thermadon was Queen Antiope.  She died fighting for her sisters.”

“Queen Antiope made me promise that when we brought the children here, they would not become Amazons of Amazonia, but they would be sisters to us and remember both heritages.  I made that promise.  For that, she gave me this gift.”  Hippolyta held up a glowing golden rope.  “This rope was the missing part of the girdle.   With it our  families have always been bonded.  This unbreakable lasso has the ability to make anyone tied within it tell the truth.  It also, if used correctly can make someone submit their will.”

The crowd started talking and asking questions.  Hippolyta gave them time to settle down and then said  “Enough!”  The crowd became silent again.

“From this day forth, we are not the Amazons of Amazonia and the Amazons of Thermadon, from this point, we are all the Amazons of Themyscira.  Like our new name, our new culture is a blend of the two tribes and we will take our lessons from both histories.”

“All who wish to remain here as part of the Sisterhood of Themyscira are welcome.  Any who wish to leave are welcome to go, with our blessing and support.  Welcome All Amazons of Themyscira,” Hippolyta said, as she clashed her bracelets together.  The sound rang out across the island, and on the wrists of each new Themysciran appeared bracelets to match their sisters.

“Now,” Hippolyta said in her loud voice. “We have the festival that was interrupted.  Now it is a not just a harvest festival, it is a welcome festival and a celebration of the lives we have gained and remembrance for the lives we have lost. “  She signaled the musicians and as the party began Hippolyta sat heavily in the seat.

“I  told you  this was too soon,”  Althea whispered.  “You are bleeding again.”

“Hush, you old worry wart.” Hippolyta whispered back.  “They need this.  There has been too much death this past month.  They need  life and  fun.  They needed to know why we went through this.”

“And if the queen dies because she is too damn stubborn to let herself heal?  How will that do for morale”

“It will likely be a boost.  At last the woman who got them humiliated is gone, maybe they can have confidence in the next queen.”

Althea smiled at what she thought was a joke until she looked into Hippolyta’s eyes.  “Goddess!  You really believe that, don’t you?”

“It is the truth, I have caused pain and failed to protect those I am responsible for.  First  the Amazonians, then my daughter, and then the Thermadon.”  

The party went on, but Althea stood beside Hippolyta watching and praying the goddesses would provide her with the means of helping the troubled queen.

Amazon History Part 3 - The Birth of the Princess

By Razor Indigo

Hippolyta’s attitude got progressively worse over the next few years.  She put up the right front, never telling anyone, especially  Althea, how she felt.  She was not suicidal,  the Amazon attitude would never let her do that.  But she truly felt that she had failed her people and her unborn child.

In public, she was the queen everyone needed.  She was strong and sure.  She was the first up to work on a project, and the one to blow out the lamps when everyone else had gone.  She was a fierce competitor in the arena, undefeated still, after all these years, and it was obvious to all that she was holding back even then.   She was tender with the children, teaching  patiently and  sharing smiles and love and sisterhood. Yet inside she was empty.

Althea was not fooled for an instant.  she watched her queen eat herself alive with self doubt and  prayed constantly for some way to help.  Finally one night, as Althea was alone in the healer’s room,   She saw an owl fly in the window.  The owl perched on the bed and stared at her.  “Goddess!” Althea said.

The candles flickered and  the owl’s shadow seemed to stretch out and fold over the owl itself,  opening up into the shape of a young girl.  Athena sat on the bed and stared at Althea.

Althea knelt  and averted her eyes.  “Goddess!  How may I serve you.”

“I need you to leave Paradise Island.” Athena said.

Althea felt as if an arrow had pierced her heart. To leave the sisterhood, to leave her queen would be horrible.  She looked up at the goddess, and saw the look in the young woman’s eyes.  Athena was intellect.  She was the goddess of medicine as well.   If she said Althea belonged in the outside world, then she was correct.  “As you wish Goddess.” 

With heavy heart Althea  went to her quarters.  She could not bear to look at the faces of the others as she said goodbye, so she packed her necessary items and walked to the beach without a word to anyone.

On the beach, Georgia  was preparing a sailing boat.  She had put food and provisions in it for several days sail.  She saw Althea hesitate as she approached.  “This time of year,  the winds are best to send you east.”  Georgia said.  She walked up to Althea. and put her hands on Althea’s forearms, letting their bracelets make a musical ‘ting.’  “Be safe sister, and may the Goddess bring you back to us.”  

Althea watched Georgia walk away, not sure how she knew, but grateful that someone had thought to  prepare.  She pushed off the boat and headed away from the island.  The wind was strong, and as Georgia had said, it headed East.  Althea set the sails and  watched the night as she sailed further from the island.   When she was just a few leagues from it, she felt something wrong.   The sails stalled and the boom crashed to the deck, not held up by the wind any longer. she started to reach for it when she felt the first of the pain.  Like fire ants all over her body, she saw nothing, but she felt them crawling and biting.  The boat stopped dead in the water and she writhed on the deck screaming in pain as she felt herself consumed by the invisible ants.  Her breath left her.  she tried to scream but had no air.   Her body convulsed and she got sick, just barely able to turn her head to keep from drowning in it, she felt herself writhing, trying to make the pain stop.   That was the last thing she remembered.

Althea woke in the middle of the ocean.  It was bright daylight.  Her skin was burned and her lips dry and cracking.  There was no evidence of the ants that had tortured her;  nothing.  She leaned in to the cuddy cabin and grabbed one of the water jars.  Thank goddess for Georgia.  She drank deep and reveled in it.

When Hippolyta went to the council chambers,  she knew instantly something was wrong.  She was always first to arrive.  This time, she was last.  She sat and sighed, preparing herself.  “What is it?  What has happened?”

Georgia stood and walked over to her.  “Its Althea.” she said quietly.  “She has left us.”  Georgia put her hand on the queen;s shoulder for comfort, but Hippolyta did not seem to notice.

Hippolyta stood and walked out of the room without a word. She didn’t notice anyone on the way back to her quarters.  Many spoke to her, but her mind wasn’t with her body.  She went into her room and closed and locked the door.  She stepped to her dressing table and drew the sword from its sheath.  With a scream of anger and pain she swung the sword and proceeded to destroy everything in her room.  Guards broke in the doors after the first few seconds, but they just stood and watched the queen as she beat her life’s comforts to pulp with sword and fist.

Hippolyta knew she was the reason Althea had left.  She had shut out the woman.  Shutting out one such as her was like a slap in the face.  Althea had been hurt by her queen and had left because of it.  Another failure.

If Althea had been there, she would have said again, as she had so often in the past.  “No my queen, that is survivors guilt mixed with grief from the  loss of your child.  You have to let it out or it will eat you  alive.”  but Hippolyta would not listen she had to be strong for the sisterhood.

Binta, one of the Amazons rescued from Thermadon eased into the room.  “My queen?” she asked “May I help you?”

Hippolyta looked at  the woman.  “No. I can not be helped, even Althea left because I was so hopeless.”   Saying the words out loud brought on the tears.  This time, Hippolyte’s restraint could not hold back the grief and sorrow  and guilt.  She had fought it for so long, it was just too much.  She collapsed in a heap.  Binta sat down and cradled the younger girl in her arms rocking her back and forth as the queen cried.

The session of tears helped.  Much of the grief finally eased itself, though she was still far from whole,  she was  better than she ad been.  Hippolyte was quieter and more reserved after that.   She participated less and less in the arena.  She  took matters of  decision more seriously and  spent time working with the now adult Thermadon refugees teaching and learning about their respective cultures.

Twelve years passed.  The alarm was sounded when the small cretan style boat was sighted.  The Amazon war party met it at the beach.   There was only one passenger aboard.  She was a sickly looking elderly woman.  She was unconscious, but she clutched a golden box to her chest, and would not let it go.

The woman was brought to the healers, who instantly recognized a much older Althea.  When Hippolyta heard, she was immovable from the woman’s bedside.  It was 2 days before Althea awoke.  The queen stayed at her bedside the entire time.

Althea’s eyes opened. with fluttering blinks  as she took in her surroundings.  She looked at Hippolyta and gasped.  “My queen!  You are so young!  Still so young!” 

“Yes,” Hippolyta said gently, “The goddesses keep us young.  You told me that, yourself, remember?”


“It was so long ago, I had forgotten.”  Althea whispered. “I am so sorry it took me so long to find it, My Queen.” she said finally unwrapping her fingers from the ornate gilded box.  “I was found  at sea and taken for an escaped slave because of the bracelets.” she said.  It took me  14 years to escape.  and another  dozen to figure out why I was in the man’s world.   Then storms made me miss the next window.  60 years  in Man’s world is  much to much for any Amazon.  The goddesses led me on a merry chase, though! I can tell you that much!”

“Wait,  Althea, what are you saying?  You have been gone only 12 years.”

“No, my queen, I have been gone 60 years.  I tried to come back at 24 years.  I was so young then.  Still trusting.   I was betrayed, and imprisoned for taking it.  They had no idea.   Fortunately he didn’t either so  he never came after me.”

“What are you talking about Althea, What have you stolen?” she looked at the gilded  box in her hands.  It had an odd comfort to it.

“Not what, My queen,” the older lady said.  She was looking very tired and run down  from the talk.  I brought her home, my queen, I brought her home.”  she handed Hippolyta the golden box. “I brought you back your daughter.”  the old woman fall asleep as the queen held the box.  

Hippolyta  could feel something moving inside it.  She felt an instant bond.  part of the hole that she had felt for the past lifetime seemed to fill up.  This was her daughter’s soul!  She could tell.  A mother knows these things.

The background noises of the healers room vanished as all Hippolyta’s senses zeroed in on the box and its occupant.  The girl inside was sleeping fitfully.  She could sense it.   she wanted to be held, so Hippolyta held the box to her heart.  She felt a sense of satisfaction from the young soul as it heard it’s mothers heartbeat again for the first time in  decades.

 A voice behind her broke the silence.  “You have a second chance, Hippolyta.  That is more than most mothers get.  Use it well.”  Hera stood there looking down at the  mother and soul of a daughter.

“How?” She asked, “How is this possible?  How can I help her?”

“If you are kind, you will simply break open the box and release her soul to the next cycle.”

“But then she would be dead!”


“Is being a soul trapped in a box any better?”

“Surely there is something I can do!”


“No, there is nothing you can do.” Hera snapped.

Hippolyte was taken aback.  One of the things that made her a good queen is her ability to tell when people lied to her.  Hera had just lied.  “I will think of something.” she said.  the look in her eyes showed the determination and strength that had made her the queen of the Amazons

Hera smiled. “Perhaps you will.”  although she did not say it aloud, Hippolyta swore she heard the woman say  ‘I hope for all of our sakes you will.’ just before she vanished.

While Althea slept, she brought the problem up to the sages. Binta had an idea.  “One of the southern tribes showed me how to animate  a mixture of sand, stone, dirt and herbs.  They said that if a soul was put in it it could live.”  

“Is it possible?”


Binta shrugged.  “I saw them make a mound of dirt stand and walk a few steps.  That is a far cry from making a person.  I know what they told me is needed, but I have no idea if I can do it.”

Hippolyta clutched the box.   “We have to help her.”

So it was to be done.  The finest sculptors on the island worked with the mud, clay, sand and herb combination. They fashioned a perfect little girl.  All the Amazons moved to the beach and stood in a semicircle around Hippolyta, Althea, and Binta.  Everyone chanted words they did not understand from an North African language as Binta had told them to.   She said she would yell out the word “Enough” when they should stop chanting. 

The words were so powerful, and the love shared was so strong that Aphrodite herself appeared in the sky above them watching them.  Binta cut her hand and dripped some of her blood onto the statue.  She handed the knife to Hippolyta, who did the same.  Both held one blood dripping hand above the tiny statue.  

Althea cut her hand and blood also dripped from it.  She looked up at Aphrodite and the goddess nodded. Althea’s other hand plunged the knife into her own chest.  She fell to her knees, leaning forward so her hearts blood flowed to the tiny statue.  “My Queen,  Let my love for you give your daughter life.”  the tiny statue stirred.  

Binta ripped the box from Hippolyta’s stunned hand and opened it.   A glowing ball of light moved within the box.  “Give your daughter’s soul life. My Queen.” Binta implored. Hippolyta grabbed the ball of light and laid it on the tiny statue.   It sank into the blood covered form and the small eyes opened.  Blue pools of love shone back at Hippolyta.  Her daughter lived!” 

“Diaynu!” yelled Binta.  She realized she was still speaking another language and said,   “Enough!”  so the crowd would understand.  She had said the same word in 2 languages.    

Althea looked up at Hippolyta. “Diana? is that her name?”  the old woman had misunderstood Binta’s words.  “Good I will make sure the gods favor her on my oath as an Amazon, Diana of Themyscira will be  gifted by the godsss....”   she expelled her last breath and her body stared up unseeing at  the glowing goddess above her.

The tiny girl squirmed in her mothers arms.  The light from Aphrodite made the marble skin look fleshy, and the entire form look human.  Hippolyta looked at the unseeing eyes of her friend and said.  “ Naming my daughter is the least of the honors you deserve my friend.”  She dipped the newborn in the ocean to rinse off the blood and toweled her dry.  She looked human. flesh and blood.   

Hippolyta stepped up on the dais and held the child hug for all to see.  “I present to you my daughter....”   she shook her head.  “OUR daughter.  This is Diana of Themyscira.  Daughter and princess of the Amazons!”

A cheer went up  in the crowd and  the Amazons celebrated the new life.  

Many tears fell as they said goodbye to an old friend who gave her life for her sisters.

Amazon History Part 4 - Diana’s Song

By Razor Indigo

Hippolyta was changed by the birth of Diana and the sacrifice of Althea.  The sacrifice of her friend  brought her sorrow, but it also gave her an understanding that she had missed earlier.  She now knew that  Althea had not left because of her; she had left FOR her.  Her friend had sacrificed her own life not just once, but twice, to heal Hippolyta’s pain.  She was humbled by the nobility of the simple healer.

At the same time, Hippolyta’s heart filled to overflowing as she held the small child to her breast.   She watched the child concentrate on her mother’s milk as they bonded into one flesh once again.  She didn’t know how much she had lost by not fully carrying the child to term, but she had at least gotten Diana back.  Birth itself was a miracle, but to have so many work so hard to intervene with the fates and make this new life was beyond even a miracle.  Young Diana was a blessing of and to the universe.  She was literally the child of all the Amazons and of all the goddesses.

It didn’t take long before Diana’s uniqueness showed itself.  As child of the Amazons and Olympians,  DIana had certain gifts that became very obvious.  As an infant she had the strength of a fully grown Amazon warrior. Diana’s first childhood tantrum  destroyed the beautifully made artistic cradle she had been inside. Toys were played with and quickly broken apart by the curious and strong child. No straps or bindings  could keep her in her seat once she decided it was time to move.

And then the infant flew.  Hippolyta was bathing with the youngster in the aqueduct when it first happened.   She held the child on her hand, floating  on the surface of the water.   Young Diana loved the water and splashed happily.  Her toothless grin lit up the child’s face.  As Hippolyta slowly pulled her hand away to let Diana float, the girl looked up at her mother, and held out her arms for a hug.  In an instant, Diana was in Hippolyta’s arms hugging her mothers neck, but Hippolyta had not lifted her.  Diana had done it.  Hippolyte didn’t understand how, and said nothing about it. 

Days later there was a noise at the door of the council chambers.  The meeting was interrupted as the door burst open and  Diana flew, like an arrow through the broken door and into her mothers arms.  Her sitter ran in behind her, unable to explain what had happened. Diana simply gurgled and smiled as she  hugged her mother.

From that moment forward, Diana was never left with a sitter.  Her clothing included a golden lasso worn as belt and vest put on by Hippolyta as she sang Diana a song.  The song was one made up by Hippolyta that used the lasso’s magic of persuasion to keep Diana from flying away from her mother and home.  Hippolyta and all the others knew that if Diana were to leave the safety of their care just for an instant the jealous gods would take her from them forever.

The island was remade again in the next few years. The arena was  changed from dirt and tile to concrete and brick.  Most everything was redone as stone, brick or cement in anticipation of the  young girl’s strength growing.  The toddler was already able to lift the queen’s large bed with the queen on it with only one hand.  What she would be able to do  as a teen or an adult, no one knew.

The years  flew by quickly.  Diana was as smart as she was strong. The blood of a sage and a healer flowed in her veins.  She had the compassion of an adult before her age  reached to two digits.  She reveled in sitting and listening to the learning discussions and watching the adults demonstrate things for her.  She learned very quickly that her strength was overwhelming to the others.   When she was 4, she broke one of the other Amazon’s arm with just a flick of her wrist backhanded slap. She was careful from then on.  She saw the pain she had caused, and it affected her greatly.

The only one she could touch and roughhouse with was Hippolyta. Her mother’s body was stronger than the others from earlier when the Amazon Queen had bonded with the golden girdle of motherhood.  Whether or not Hippolyta wore the girdle itself, she was  much stronger than the average Amazon.  When she wore the girdle, she was extremely strong, even stronger than young Diana.  But Hippolyta also had the maturity, experience and training of an Amazon Queen.

All went smoothly until Diana’s teen years.  As the young girl’s body changed, so did her  needs.  Diana became broody and angry at the world.  She yelled that she was never given any time alone, and hated having 2000 mothers.  She had read all the scrolls she was allowed and wanted to experience “Real Life” outside the island.  Only the lasso’s powers and her mother’s song kept the reckless young girl from flying off and away from Themyscira.

The day came when Diana decided she would not wear the lasso.   Her mother entered the room,  and began winding the coils stylishly around her waist, chest and arms.  Diana stopped her.  “Mother, I am too old to be leashed like a pet.  I don’t want this on me.”  She held her mother’s hand still and her light blue eyes tried to look responsible to the elder woman’s darker eyes.

Hippolyte smiled at her daughter.  “Diana, You still look at the world through the eyes of a child.  You have never seen greed or avarice.  The things here on the island can not prepare you for life outside this island.  Until you have a more knowledgeable mind you can not  leave.” she started to  move her hands.  Diana held her back.

“Mother, how can I get the knowledge if it is not here?   I MUST go to the man’s world, otherwise I will never learn what all those things are.”

“Diana,” Hippolyte sighed.  “You are still full of the wonder of life.  Don’t be in a hurry to  lose that.”  she tried to  move her hands, but Diana was holding the very tightly.

Diana grumbled under her breath “I won’t lose anything if I never get to see a man.”

Hippolyte’s eyes widened.  “The desire has come to you then?  Your body is making the demands?”

Diana looked embarrassed.  She had read the books.  She knew what the body  desired and what she was supposed to do, but it was still a personal and embarrassing thing. she merely nodded silently.

“Oh daughter, I would spare you the pain if I could.  All I can do is remind you of what is written.  Physical  joining is a personal thing.  It alters you forever.  It makes you   subservient and makes you feel things that nothing else does. Mostly it makes you need your mate.  It tears you apart when your mate strays, as all men do, and it makes living hard when your mate leaves.”

Diana sat down on the bed.  “Tell me of my father.” she asked quietly.

Hippolyte sat beside her. “Oh child, my story is one of the worst ever.  Are you sure?”

“I’m not a baby anymore mother.  You promised you would tell me when I was old enough.”


“Yes I did.” Hippolyte sighed and thought how best to tell her.

“I was queen of the Amazons for only 5 years before your father came to us.  He came to destroy us.”

Diana’s eyes widened. “No!”  she looked at her mother and asked unsteadily. “He didn’t .. I mean..”

“Rape me?  No child he did not.  He did much worse.  He seduced me.”  she saw Diana’s confusion. “The goddesses gave us the girdle.  The gods were angry, and wanted it back.   Aries sent Heracles to take it.  He fought us and I beat him.”

“Of course you did.  No man can ever defeat the Amazons.” Diana said with conviction. 

Hippolyte  watched her daughter and shook her head. “That is untrue.  He killed  nearly a hundred of us.   He injured almost all the rest.  I only won because the magic of the girdle was stronger than his heritage as Zeus’ son.”

Diana’s eyes widened. “Zeus is my grandfather?”

“Yes Diana.  You are child of the gods.”

“But mother, I don’t understand.  If he was so evil, why did you mate?”

Hippolyte sat back on the bed and pulled her knees to her chest.   Her eyes dropped to her hands which were wrapped around her legs. holding herself tightly closed.  “We were all but destroyed. Everything was gone.  Amazonia, my world was in ruins.  All the Amazons were nursing broken this or dislocated that.  None of us were in any condition to fight. Heracles had agreed to rebuild our world as his penance.  He was tireless, strong and skilled in his work.  He had a subtle humor and intelligence.  I spent most of each day with him, and came to respect the man I thought I saw.”

Hippolyta moved a hand to the back of her neck and rubbed it, trying to wipe away some of the tension.  “At the time, everything else was going wrong.  So many were hurt that we could barely hunt enough food to feed The Sisterhood.   Supplies were faltering,  all I heard from the people were complaints. It was sorrow and pain everywhere.  And yet when I went to work with Heracles, he was pleasant and strong and self assured.”

Hippolyta looked at Diana. “I did the wrong thing. I went to him for comfort.  I had not lain with a man before, so I had not known any more than you do how powerful the need could be once a skilled seducer begins.  Heracles, like his father, is an extraordinary seducer.  He did things to me that I shall never forget.”

Diana gasped at the look of pain in her mother’s eyes.  “Mother?”

“”He seduced me, and it was all a game to him. He bedded me, and when I was weak and asleep afterwards, he gave Aries the girdle and the Amazons as slaves.”

Diana’s mouth dropped.  “That is how Aries got the girdle?”

Hippolyte nodded. “I woke to Aries hand on my mouth and the God of War drew back a fist and knocked me out.” A tear fell from Hippolyta’s eye. “Aries took us all.  he brought us to his island stronghold and made us slaves.  His men used us brutally.”

“And..  they..”

“They raped us Diana.  They chained us, beat us and raped us repeatedly and without mercy.  I was Aries prize, so I only had one man use me.   But he was a brutal man.  He reveled in conquering  and killing.    He nearly killed me every time.   Whether it was with a blade or with his hands, he brutalized me and took me.  I was bound, weak and helpless, a state these men all desired.  When he found out I was pregnant with you, he cut me open and ripped you out of me.”

Diana went white. “I don’t understand.  How could he have, I’m here.”

Hippolyte shook her head.  “You were taken.  Your soul was kept hidden from me.    I died that day Diana.   The gods let me die so I could be reborn and free the Amazons.   Hippolyte, the one I was when I was your true physical mother, died when you were ripped from me.  I am only the shell of that woman.  A spirit animated with the need for vengeance and the need to protect The Sisterhood.”

Tears were falling from Diana’s eyes as she sat there, her arms crossed over her legs in a pose so like her mother that Hippolyte saw herself in her youth reflected in her daughter.  “How.. I mean.. How am I here if I died?”

Hippolyta told Diana about Althea’s sacrifice, and about Binta’s ceremony, and about  Aphrodite’s bonding the Amazon’s to her.  “You are here, my daughter, because you  are an Amazon.  You are the child of ALL the Amazons.  You are here because the goddesses finally forgave me for destroying the Amazon race and let me have back the one being who I can not do without.”

Diana’s tear soaked face was suddenly at her mother’s.  She hugged the tightly closed woman and they wept together.  Mother and daughter bonding for the first time as women, not woman to child.

An hour later. Diana stood and wound the magickal rope around her waist arms and chest and pulled Hippolyta up from the bed to stand before her.  “Sing to me mother. Sing me my song.”

Hippolyta looked into Diana’s eyes.  She saw something in the young girl.  Her daughter had indeed become a woman.  Hippolyta’s heart fell with the realization that  she would soon be out on her own, independent.  No longer her baby but an adult. “You no longer need me to.” she said. dropping her hand from the end of the rope.

Diana took her hand and placed the rope back into it.  “Yes, Mother.  I do need you to.  I need you to sing to me.  I need my mother to sing my song”

Hippolyte looked into the determined young eyes and began to sing.   Only this song was a little different.  The child’s song of being home and safe became a song of a young woman being strong and smart and growing into adulthood safe and loving and being able to cope with all life sends her way.

As Diana left to start her day, Hippolyta watched the proud young warrior stride towards the Arena.  She wondered how much longer Diana would ask to hear her song, and hoped it would be a long time before her daughter took her place in the world, and she no longer wanted her mother to sing.   


Amazon History part 5 -  The End of Paradise

By Razor Indigo

The construction of Themyscira was an ongoing task.  Each year things were changed and improved.  Classical Greek architecture and design was modified to the influences of the Thermadon’s African styles.  The results were unlike any previously seen.

Materials were created from raw materials of the island.  Rock was slowly chipped to form cement and tile, trees were grown to create  special wooden trim.  Animal hides and fur were used to create the fabric covers, draperies and carpeting.  Nothing was wasted in the small island paradise.

It was nearly 500 years after the island had been built.  The princess was a girl of only 16 summers, but she was strong and fast.  The days she was working on building, amazing things were able to be done.  An entire granite column 20 feet tall would normally take 2 dozen Amazons hours to place.  Princess Diana could lift and place  in seconds.

And yet all throughout the process, not even Diana had been able to dislodge one boulder that was wedged within the rock wall of the caldera.  Something about it had resisted all of the picks and chisels of the Amazons.  The wall was behind the Arena, and the boulder, while annoying to the aesthetics of the island was not in the way of anything, so it was not really important.

The fateful day was the day Diana decided to defeat the “rock of stubbornness,” as the huge stone had become known.  Diana stood before it and did something unusual for a teen, she thought about the problem.  She paced back and forth on the rock itself, watched closely by her friend an ‘bodyguard’ Sophia.

“I see your plan now,” Sophia teased, “You will walk back and forth until you wear away the rock.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Diana said back distractedly. “I think I know the problem.”  She grinned at Sophia. This is not what we thought.  It is not a rock.”

“Of course not.  How silly of us.A simple look will show that it is no rock.  besides, no rock would dare defy our young princess.  Nothing natural could withstand her.”

Diana stopped and stared at Sophia. “Now come on, I’m not that much of a brat!”

Sophia gave her that irritating smile she so often used.

Diana stared at her friend until she saw the crack of a real smile appear on Sophia’s face.  Diana sighed.  “Even if I were half as arrogant as you pretend, your biting remarks would have brought me to humility years ago.”

The girls sat on the rock  teasing each other most of the afternoon, but Diana’s mind had formulated a plan.  She knew how to move the rock; but she also knew that she could not  do it with anyone watching.  She had to do this alone.

That night  well past the mid hour, Diana snuck out.  She carried a bundle of items wrapped within cloth.  When she got to the rock, she unwrapped the cloth and exposed the Amazon battle armor within.  She took off her sleepwear and carefully attached the armor as she had learned in the Arena.  By the time she was in full gear, over and hour had passed.  She had hidden several times from guards  \and patrols, so none knew she was there.

Finally, she was ready.  Her sword at her side, her helmet tight on her head, and her  armor gleaming in the moonlight she did the one thing she knew no Amazon ever would.  She invoked a god.  “In the name of Aries, and in the name of Zeus, I bid this stone open so I may pass.” 

Lightning struck the stone, and Diana, who was standing mere inches away, was enveloped in the bright  energy of the bolt.  She heard guards yelling and feet running towards her before everything went silent.

Diana awoke at the shore of a river. Her nose rebelled and the scent confused her for a moment.  This was a river, not of water, but of blood. She stood and looked around.  She was in some sort of cavern.  She saw the hole in the wall she had fallen through.  It was the rock! It had broken in half!  She had done it! 

Her happiness was short lived.  She heard them before she saw them.  The sound of warriors in full armor fighting.  She looked towards the river, but saw nothing.  She looked in the other direction,  the side of the river she was on, and saw movement in the distance.  Large figures were approaching. they were... Men!  Warriors in full battle armor ran at her and the hole to Paradise she had made.

“No!” Diana yelled, “You will not pass!”  Wave after wave of warriors ran for her and the portal.  Swords, spears, hammers and more were swung at her.  Diana was a force of nature, but these were not natural.  She killed a hundred, but there were ten thousand.  Wave after wave of them flowed towards and around her.

The Amazons had sounded the alert when the lightning hit the ground.  Dozens came out to see what was happening.  Amala, the guard, looked inside the hole and saw the horde as it approached Diana.  She turned and yelled. “Invasion!  To arms!”  The horn sounded and ALL the Amazons woke and ran to battle.

1/3 of the Amazons were dressed for guard rotation. Over 700 were set and ready  before the trumpets sounding ended.  The 700 met the 10,000 warriors as they burst through Aries portal.  In mere minutes the other 2/3 of the Amazons would be there, if they could only hold them back long enough.


They could not. The force was overwhelming, and  more than that , they were nearly unstoppable.  They seemed to ignore pain and loss of limb and continue fighting unless dealt a death blow.  The guards were overwhelmed in minutes.  The island would fall.

Diana was bloodied and yet she still fought on.  Piles of bodies surrounded her, slowing the attackers.  They tried to grapple her, but she was stronger than 100 men, and shook them off. Still, there were so many.  She didn’t see the man with the dagger.  She deflected blows from 4 others when she felt it slide between the plates of her armor. from behind.  

Still, she fought on. Amazon blood was spilled on both sides of the portal.  Diana bled as she fought for her life in the unknown place.  Then an odd thing happened.  Fewer men  went after her.  Combat sounds became louder and louder.  She saw men turn and fight...  Amazons?  The wave after wave of women warriors overwhelmed the horde of men.  

Diana fell to her knees and watched the combat. A dark skinned woman Diana had never seen before yelled “Healer, See to this one.”  DIana felt gentle hands steady her and a voice she did not recognize whisper “It will be ok Princess. lets get you home.”

On the island, the men ignored the fallen, whether injured or dead, and surged forward.  They met half armored Amazon warriors.  All of the Amazons had trained for hundreds of years, but they were still outnumbered 10 to 1.  The Amazons fought hard.  They kept the line.  Queen Hippolyta sheared through men like they were nothing.  Her strength and her experience driven by her raging hatred for them turned the tide.

With an opening visible, the warriors followed their queen and let themselves go to the heat of battle.  All the frustration, anger and power that they normally restrained came forth.  They regained their fighting spirit from the complacency they had fallen into.  With a warlike yell from Hippolyta, the Amazons surged forward, destroying the hoard of warriors now 5 times their number.

The last of the horde fell as Hippolyta reached the portal.  The Amazons stood behind their queen as they saw a woman carrying a wounded Diana out of the jagged hole.  “Diana!”  Hippolyta cried out and rushed towards them.  

The woman holding the injured princess offered her to the queen. “She needs a poultice on her wound to draw out the poisons and some time to rebuild her blood, My Queen, but she will survive,” the woman said.

Hippolyta recognized the voice.  “Althea?”  she asked as the woman handed her  daughter to her.

“Yes my queen,” Althea said.  She did not step out of the hole.  “This...portal; it reaches into Hades world.“  As she spoke Queen Antioch of the Thermadon Amazons stepped up beside her. “You must not let your Amazons or any others come through again.  We will try to guard from this side, but once word gets out that Aries’ back door has been reopened, it will be hard.”

Antioch put her hand on Althea’s shoulder.  Althea nodded and let the dead queen take over. “This is why Aries has always had a horde.  He made a deal with Hades long ago.  He would open the portal, and the worst of the worst would come through and join his army.  This portal leads to the worst section of Tartarus behind the fifth river.”

“Why would Hades agree to that?”

“Hades knew Aries appetite for destruction.  He could give up a few hundred souls and Aries would cause a war to give him thousands.”

“And the other gods allowed this?”

Antioch shook her head. “They did not.  Once they found out, they took the island from Aries and placed a race of warriors upon it to guard  the portal.”  

“Us?”  Hippolyte gasped.  “This gift from the goddesses, the extra strength we gained, all we went through...”  she looked at Antioch.  “even your children?”

Antioch nodded.  “Yes.  The gods and goddesses together set all of it up to put the Amazons here.  All of it.  All you went through; all I went through; all of it was part of their plan to harden us and make us ready to guard this portal... from both sides.”

“So you are staying here, Guarding that side?” Hippolyta asked.

“Yes.  We have over 100,000 Amazons on this side.  When we die here, we are remade in the Elysium.  We have to fight our way back.  We will be here to help you, if we can.”

“But we need to seal the portal again; seal it tight.”  Hippolyta said.

“Yes.  We cannot talk again.” Antioch agreed.

Hippolyta turned to Althea. “Althea... I can never repay...”

Althea put her hand up to stop the words.  “Our daughter is beautiful.  She fights like you.  The pile of bodies she made will take hours to remove.”

Hippolyta nodded at the woman across the portal “You have been missed.”

Althea smiled. “Aim better,” she joked. Her face turned serious.  “Goodbye My Queen.  You will always have my loyalty and you will always have my heart.”  She stepped back and vanished into the darkness of Hades realm.

“My Queen,” Amala said.  “The healers have taken our wounded to the shelters.  The military advisor suggests we put the bodies of the males in the portal and reseal it.”

Hippolyta shook her head. “No. They are trash.  They attacked the island, they will not  be sent back.”  she turned to the crowd  “Binta!  To me!.”


The elderly woman walked towards her, picking her way through the bodies of Amazons and dead men.  She stopped, and wiped her face with a blood stained hand. “Yes, My queen?” 

“Binta, you know things not in the realm of the Olympians.  I need your help.”  she led the woman to a rock to sit. “I need to find a way to steal a man’s soul.”  she looked over the  field of dead.  “All of them.   They can not be allowed to return to Hades. Ever.”   she saw the woman’s brow wrinkle.  “If we trap their souls, they do not go back to Hades and can not come and attack again.”  she  told the woman.  “Also, Hades hates to give up souls.  He will learn that if he allows warriors to come here, he will lose their souls.”

Binta nodded.  “I believe I know a way.  It is abomination by all who are civilized.”

Hippolyta looked at the elder woman. “Do it.” she said.  “We are not civilized, we are already abominations to man and to the gods and the goddesses. It is time we acted as such.”  she turned to Amala.  “Pile all the invader’s bodies in the center of the arena. Assign 20 warriors to butcher the bodies.  Binta will tell you the rest.”

“Zoe!” Hippolyta called.  The younger Amazon rushed forward. “How goes the healing?”

“We lost 476  amazons to the attack. another 684 were injured. Over half our number are not fit for combat.”  Zoe reported.


“62 of our warriors are critical.  I expect half of them to  die.”

“I will be by to visit them soon.  Thank you, Zoe.”

The young woman ran back to work.

“Andra,” the queen called.  She waited until the large woman appeared.  “Gather your metalsmiths and the stonecutters.  You are to make a seal over this cavern.  Make it fast and make it strong.”

“Alexia,” she said to the woman approaching.  “ All healthy warriors who are not already assigned will guard this portal until it is sealed.  No shifts, we all stay up.”

After giving that order the queen went and visited the injured warriors.  She thanked them all and cried with some for their losses, and held others as they died.  When she finished, she stepped back to the  portal and stood at the head of the phalanx of warriors, guarding the island while the metal and stone crafters built the new seal.

Even with the seal finally in place, the island was no longer looked upon as a haven.  Themyscira was no longer a paradise, it was the home of the Amazons, Earth's most feared and vicious warriors.  Themyscira was now and would forever be the stronghold of life against the forces of death and war.  


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